Why do we exist?


# End of life synthetic additives such as materials used to make pharmaceuticals, dyes, tannery chemicals, lithium based re- chargeables are causing challenges, if not dealt with effectively.

# Current solutions include incineration, landfills and dumping into water.

# Such methods are harmful to life and the environment. While they may not cause life threatening damage, they cause long term effects such as stunted growth in plants, birth defects and illnesses such as cancer.

# Life is being compromised for usage of better looking products, communication devices and supposedly cleaner energy sources.

# Entity 1 believes that we should start by finding solutions to end of life solutions to products that cannot be dealt with effectively.

Solutions That Make Sense


# Which we did. We also worked backwards to build a energy charge and storage device, that can work smarter, faster, cleaner and uses much lesser resources, than conventional sources.

# What we have is a solution, to build an energy & storage source, with an end of life solution, that leaves no residue - gaseous, material or liquid.

# We take little from the Earth, make a lot out of it, and put back everything.

# Our technology is the first such, globally. We are the only such Entity, the First 1.

And then, there were none.

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